Voting Rights and Democracy

Ruben was on the House floor on January 6th and saw the violent assault on our democracy firsthand. Extremist GOP legislators in Arizona and across the country are actively suppressing the vote and attempting to overturn the results of free and fair elections—disenfranchising millions of Americans in the process. American democracy is at an inflection point, and we need leaders who understand what we’re up against.

As a combat veteran, Ruben defended democracy abroad; and as a Congressman, he works to defend democracy at home. He has been a vocal supporter of the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, key measures to protect the right to vote. Both bills passed the House but stalled in the Senate when senators failed to waive the filibuster to protect the constitutional rights of Arizonans. 

When elected, Ruben plans to finish the job and work with his colleagues to codify the bills into law, finally fortifying our sacred right to vote once and for all.

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