As the proud son of immigrants, Ruben knows that for millions of Arizonans, immigration is not just a political issue, but a personal one, as our border communities benefit every day from sustained economic and cultural exchange.

But while our border communities are not the war zones that news stations often portray them as, they are facing a serious crisis. We need smart ways to keep our border secure, allow for a prosperous cross-border economy, reform a broken immigration system, and stop the flow of fentanyl into our communities.

Ruben has been on the forefront of sensible, comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, backing several bills that passed in the House but were held up in the Senate due to the filibuster. Over the years, Ruben has consistently voted for funding to hire and deploy thousands more border patrol agents, secure the border and ports of entry—and successfully advocated for increased resources for our border communities. In addition, he has introduced the Higher Education Dream Act, co-sponsored the Veteran Service Recognition Act and spoken out against extremist right-wing policies that separated migrant children from their families. 

In the Senate, he will continue to champion these reforms, and lead the way to a better immigration system for all.

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