Environment & Climate Change

It’s a fact: the climate is changing and we need to act. That’s why Ruben has made environmental issues a top priority. In Congress, Ruben voted in favor of the Inflation Reduction Act: by far the largest climate investment in the history of the United States. The IRA invests in cheaper, more sustainable energy, and will bring thousands of jobs to our state.

Here in Arizona we have a serious pollution problem, and it’s hurting seniors, children, and people with underlying health issues the most. As part of the landmark Bipartisan Infrastructure bill, Ruben secured funding to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality monitoring, particularly in urban and tribal areas. But he knows we need more—more innovative technologies, more investments in our communities—to keep our air and water clean for generations to come.

Ruben is also a leader in preserving Arizona’s public lands. He has fought time and again to protect areas like the Grand Canyon from industry exploitation. Ruben wants every community to be able to enjoy Arizona’s natural resources and natural beauty, whether through championing partnerships with Tribal governments or working to commemorate César Chávez with a National Historic Park in Phoenix.

Our state’s magic lies in its magnificent natural beauty—from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the tip of Humphreys Peak—and we need to protect our public lands and our environment for generations to come.

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