National Security

Protecting Arizonans from threats—foreign and domestic—remains one of Ruben’s top priorities in Congress. As a veteran and the highest-ranking Latino on the House Armed Services Committee, Ruben always puts our service members first. That means working tirelessly to ensure that members of the military are never again sent into harm’s way without a plan for winning the fight and caring for them when they return home. 

As a national security leader and former Chairman of the Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee, Ruben plays a pivotal role in overseeing the operations and priorities of our special forces and intelligence community. And as the co-chair of the House Baltic Caucus, Ruben has been an unapologetic advocate for deterring Russian aggression in Europe.

Ruben knows that our adversaries, including China, Russia, and Iran, are trying every day to threaten the safety of Arizona families. But as Ruben has said throughout Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, America has what it takes to be a responsible leader on the world stage and stand up to enemies of democracy. Through Arizona’s military communities, innovative manufacturing, world-class universities, and our people, he believes that Arizona can be at the forefront of that mission.

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