Abortion is a fundamental right—backed by half a century of legal precedent and supported by the vast majority of Arizonans. Today, as a conservative Supreme Court majority and far-right extremists wage war on women’s rights, Ruben is proud to defend the right to choose in Congress on behalf of Arizonans.

Following the devastating Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Ruben voted for legislation to guarantee the legal right to travel across state lines to obtain an abortion and unequivocally supported the right to access contraception.

In the House, he co-sponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act and the My Body, My Data Act, which protect women’s health care providers and sensitive medical data, respectively, because he knows that extremists would use a woman’s health history to put her employment, benefits, and personal safety at risk if given the opportunity.
As your Senator, Ruben will continue to champion the right to choose—starting by waiving the filibuster to codify Roe v. Wade.

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