Ruben understands what it means to be an American veteran—he is one. After coming home from fighting in Iraq, where he was an infantryman in one of the hardest hit units of the war, Ruben experienced firsthand the need for better financial, medical, and social support to meet veteran community needs. We must continue to honor those who sacrifice the most, even and especially when they return home.

As a former member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in Congress, Ruben has vocally supported programs to get veterans the housing, education, economic opportunity, and mental and physical health care they deserve. From the historic Honoring Our PACT Act which will provide benefits to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, to his Restore Veterans’ Compensation Act which will allow veterans to keep their separation pay should they qualify for VA disability, Ruben remains committed to our veterans in Arizona and across the country.

As a veteran who has struggled with PTSD, he knows how important the VA is to Arizona veterans, but only if it works how it’s supposed to. He has introduced legislation to improve VA oversight, including patient care data and public records requests, so the veteran community and Congress know how to improve the VA for those who served. 

The brave men and women who have served in uniform—and their families, who are too often forgotten or ignored—put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. Ruben will continue to be their champion and voice in the Senate.

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