Protecting Arizona’s Water

For every Arizonan looking toward the future, water is a top priority. As our state gets hotter and drier with each passing year, Ruben is leading efforts to combat excess urban heat and find solutions to ensure our state has enough water.

To that end, he has introduced federal legislation to keep foreign corporations and governments like Saudi Arabia from using excess water in drought-stricken states like Arizona. In 2022, he also introduced the Excess Urban Heat Mitigation Bill, which directs funds to climate resiliency in major cities. Ruben recognizes that 21st century water problems require 21st century solutions, which is why he introduced a bill to support and fund emerging water conservation technologies.  

To protect our public lands and water, he co-authored the 30×30 Initiative, a comprehensive plan to conserve 30% of our global lands and oceans by the year 2030. And he successfully advocated for permanent authorization and funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), a cornerstone public land program that protects critical drinking water sources across the country. 

Ruben knows that a safe and healthy future for our families depends on sustainable water access. He’ll fight for that access as Arizona’s next Senator.

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