Health Care

Ruben knows that our health care system is broken. Health care is a fundamental human right, and in the wealthiest nation on the planet, it is unacceptable that high quality, comprehensive health care is not guaranteed to all Americans. 

Ruben has long been a champion for improving health care access for families. He was an unwavering supporter of Medicaid expansion, and he stood up to Republican attempts to gut Arizona’s Medicaid program and dismantle the Affordable Care Act time and again.

For seniors, Ruben was thrilled to pass lower prescription drug prices as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. He will continue to stand up to any attempt to privatize or cut Medicare on behalf of the 1.25 million Arizonans who rely on it—and he will fight every day to expand Medicare benefits.

Right now, prohibitively high costs force many Arizona families to forgo regular doctor’s visits, necessary prescription drugs, and critical treatment for illness. And when they do seek care, too many accumulate massive amounts of medical debt with each diagnosis. All the while, Wall Street and Big Pharma are reaping huge profits off the backs of patients. It’s wrong and it needs to change.

In Congress, Ruben has led the fight to lower health care costs—including prescription drug reform—to make sure Arizona families can always access high quality health care. And as a Senator, he will not stop until every Arizonan has access to high quality health care when they need it.

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