Arizona Families

A true Marine, Ruben has never backed down from a fight—especially when it comes to fighting for Arizona families. A proud son of immigrants, he understands what it means to achieve the American dream, and in Congress, he works to make sure every Arizonan can achieve their own.

As a father himself, Ruben has always been a staunch supporter of the child tax credit and child care support for families with young children. In Congress, he introduced the Universal Full Day Kindergarten Act to ensure every child has access to high-quality full day kindergarten. He’s also championed lower health care costs, including prescription drug reform to make sure Arizona families can always access high quality health care. As the representative for Phoenix, he has been a vocal advocate for affordable housing and pushed Congress to bring home the federal resources needed to build it. 

As Arizona continues to grow, Ruben is working to ensure opportunities for our families to grow with it.

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