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About Ruben Gallego

Ruben Gallego is a son of Hispanic immigrants, a veteran, and a community leader running for Congress to represent Arizona’s seventh congressional district. Ruben was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Harvard University with a degree in International Relations. He later joined the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq with the well-known combat unit Lima 3/25. As a Marine, community leader, and elected official in the Arizona House of Representatives, Ruben has always been motivated by the same thing - a real appreciation of what families in Arizona are going through and a desire to help improve their lives. (Read More...)

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  • Stand Up For Choice

    Stand Up For Choice

    Last week John McCain and the Arizona Right to Life came out in favor of Ruben’s anti-choice opponent. Now, anti-choice state legislator Catherine Miranda is attacking Ruben for supporting a ...


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Phoenix, Arizona
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Ruben Gallego
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