The Sierra Club Endorses Ruben Gallego for Congress


July 17, 2014


The Sierra Club Endorses Ruben Gallego for Congress

PHOENIX, AZ — The Sierra Club today endorsed Ruben Gallego for Congress.

“The Sierra Club’s National Political Team and Grand Canyon Chapter are pleased to support your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting America’s environment,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club.

“The Sierra Club is committed to promoting clean energy solutions to move the nation beyond dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and dangerous nuclear power, and towards a safe, clean energy future. The Sierra Club works to protect public health and ensure safe and healthy communities that are free of toxic air and water pollution… and works to support candidates who share these values,” said Brune.

The Sierra Club is one of the nation’s largest environmental organizations with over two million members and supporters and 64 local chapters.


Ruben Gallego is the child of Hispanic immigrants, raised by a single mom on the South Side of Chicago. Ruben enlisted in the Marines while attending Harvard, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. After graduating, Ruben served a tour in Iraq as a Marine with Lima 3/25. Ruben’s Marine Corps unit saw some of the toughest combat of the war.

Ruben was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010 and became known for his tough stand against extreme legislation pushed by Republicans, helping lead the opposition to the discriminatory SB 1062. As a legislator he also led the push for Medicaid Expansion and secured in-state tuition for veterans. Ruben and his wife Kate live in South Mountain.