Paycheck Fairness


I’ve been surrounded by strong women my entire life. My three sisters and I were raised by a single mom on the South Side of Chicago. She was an immigrant, and I saw firsthand how hard she worked to make sure her kids would get the kind of opportunities she envisioned for her children. She’s an inspiring woman, and I’m lucky to have another strong woman in my life who inspires me everyday — my wife Kate.

I met Kate at Harvard and knew right away that she was destined to accomplish amazing things. After earning an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, Kate worked on economic development in Phoenix before getting elected to the Phoenix City Council.

With all these amazing women in my life, I just can’t fathom what motivates some of the crazy policies that come out of both Washington and the Arizona legislature would keep women from earning equal work for equal pay.

Our entire culture should be ashamed that a wage gap exists between men and women. But rather than working to reverse an obvious injustice, Republicans seem committed to the antiquated ideas that are the basis of paycheck disparity. In Congress, I will fight not only for Paycheck Fairness, but also to bring an end to the offensive ideology that allowed wage disparity to become an issue in the first place.