Gallego Statement on Name Change


June 12, 2014


Gallego Statement on Name Change

PHOENIX, AZ — Ruben Gallego released the following statement regarding a legal challenge to the use of his last name on the ballot being promoted by Mary Rose Wilcox:

“I was raised by a single mom and changed my name to honor the woman who raised me. I have been very open about this decision and the circumstance behind it.”

“My mom is an immigrant and struggled every day to raise four kids on her own. Our family never had enough, but she gave all she had to make sure her kids got an education and an opportunity to succeed. Two of us went to Harvard on scholarships, and my sister is going to be a doctor. My mom’s last name is Gallego.”

“My father abandoned my family when I was young. His choice to leave made my life and the lives of my three sisters much harder. I slept on the floor until I went to college and my sisters and I had to rely on the free lunch program to make sure we ate. His last name is Marinelarena.”

“My mom is the reason I have had so many incredible opportunities in my life. I’m very proud to have her name.”

“In the state legislature, I fought to make sure working mothers like my own were not taken advantage of by a system that already makes it extremely difficult to raise a child on your own. In Congress, I’ll continue to fight for working moms because I know firsthand how far they go for their kids.”

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