Gallego Statement on 9th Circuit Marriage Equality Decision


Today’s ruling from the 9th Circuit is a huge step forward for Marriage Equality in Arizona. While the ruling applies to marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada, Arizona’s place within the 9th Circuit makes it likely that Marriage Equality will soon be the law of the land here as well.

I got my start in politics as an organizer opposing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages in Arizona (I was inspired after witnessing the first same-sex marriage on the steps of the Cambridge City Hall in 2004). We were the first state in the county to reject such a ban. And remarkably, in only eight years, the idea of Marriage Equality has gone from something that divides our state to something we have now united behind.

This is a great day for our state and for all those who should soon have the freedom to marry. But today’s victory is also a testament to the years of hard work and grassroots advocacy from thousands of people across the Arizona. In celebrating the court’s decision, we should also celebrate our democratic process – it can be slow and frustrating, but today shows that when done right it can also bring incredible social change.